High performance
double stepped hull by Michael Peters

The hull has a deep V and a central stern tunnel, based on the famous Stepped "V" Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT) developed and patented by Michael Peters.

The classic deep V with two steps and a central stern tunnel improves the boat’s longitudinal stability when turning at high speed. Verve 47 is the largest boat on the market with this type of hull.

Designed to reduce water resistance significantly and deliver excellent performance without affecting the size and proportions of the hull, the SVVT hull guarantees extraordinary directional stability even when turning.

A window on your wake

The helm station has been enhanced with a hull side window reaching the bulwark that creates a remarkable sense of continuity with the outside world.

Indeed, the driver enjoys a special bond with the water, particularly at high speed, when the wake that is clearly visible on either side of the boat seems to become part of the yacht’s structure.

Hi-tech sports car inspired dashboard

The sports car inspired seamless design dashboard incorporates three 16’’ Raymarine Axiom displays providing all navigation data as well as digital switching and the monitoring system of the boat.

Fold out side beach platform

A side folding bulwark creates a comfortable swimming platform with retractable ladder for easy access to the sea

Fully recessed hi-lo cockpit table

Flush table on deck which can be movimented electrically in three position: lower position which provides ample space for the cockpit; mid -height position which creates a huge aft sunbathing lounge with extra fillers, and all the way up with proper cover it becomes an alfresco dining.

Abundant storage for your water toys

Large storage in the stern area for two seabobs and a paddle board.

A full outdoor country kitchen

The cockpit cabinet is a full outdoor country kitchen equipped with Kenyon cook top and double barbecue, refrigerator, ice marker, water sink and a hi-lo TV.

Características técnicas

Datos técnicos principales
Eslora total (incluido púlpito)14,5 m (47’ 7”)
Manga en la sección maxima4,10 m (13' 5'')
Desplazamiento (a plena carga)17,5 t (38580 lb)
Material de construcciónGRP
Estilismo exterior y conceptoFrancesco Struglia Design
Diseñador de interioresFrancesco Struglia Design
ConstructorAzimut Yachts
Aseos de popa1
Motores4 x 450 mHP (330 kW) Mercury 450R
Velocidad máxima (masa de prueba funcional)up to 50 kn
Velocidad de crucero (masa de prueba funcional)up to 37 kn
Capacidad de tanques.
Motores4 x 450 mHP (330 kW) Mercury 450R
Capacidad depósito combustible2500 l (660 US Gls)
Capacidad depósito agua300 l (79 US Gls)

Datos se refiere a UNI ISO 8666 condiciones

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